This is Lux

A small agency relentlessly dedicated to your success.
Our clients range from community events & small businesses, to well-established corporations. No matter your size, we treat each client with the same exceptional level of service, respect and commitment.
See what they say about us!

The Pleasure is All Ours

LUX offers exactly the services you need. In addition to a core group of associates, we work with an extensive network of freelance professionals, whom we match specifically to your project. So you get the best of both worlds: the cream-of-the-crop talent without the extravagant overhead.

The LUX difference

We realize that most agencies offer the same tangible resources: creative,
collateral, media, PR and so on. But we believe there is a distinct difference between services and service. That’s where we separate from the pack. Here’s what our clients rave about (and what we’re pretty damn proud of, too)

“Great ideas, beautifully executed.”
“I love working with people with creative vision—that’s definitely Lux.  I helped them create a holiday gift basket program for TJX that’s still one of my favorite projects. Great ideas, beautifully executed.”

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